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  • Tena Koe Bob, I have developed a pattern of looking at your post to digest the photographs first, then return later for another lesson in New Zealand mountaineering history. I first read of Joe Fluerty in a New Zealand Wilderness magazine article some years ago, and he was well mentioned in the book I read on Harry Ayres, particularly for his remarkable ability to route find in any conditions. Kia ora Bob, I shall return later today for a more thorough read, and look forward to it! Have a great day.Noho ora mai ra, e hoa,Robb

  • You ARE going to pay the fees you COMMITTED to. Legally, you STOLE the item. Posting the auction is a legally enforceable COMMITMENT to sell to the winning bidder. If the winner wants decided to sue you, they would win.Absent a COMPLETELY new identity, you won’t be able to open another eBay account.References : Was this answer helpful?

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