Voici le troisième numéro de Dans Le Coup 2010. Vous pouvez télécharger aussi le bulletin spécial du festival.

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  • Hi Youtube,I have to say that "On the Rise" is a great idea. People who are passionate about their channels and about sharing their gifts with the world should be able to share it with as many people as possible. Since not everyone has a budget of a Fortune 500 company to advertise their channels, this category gives us, the little guys, an awesome chance to be noticed. To Your Success,Peter

  • Man muss auch beachten wie das mit dem Mic im Pad laufen würde. Stell dir mal vor, man spielt was wo man mit dem Pad rumfuchteln muss xD Wie möchte man dann reden? oder man fängt an rumzubrüllen.

  • Love this. I am a big fan Volf and contemplative thinking. This particular selection reminds me of Henri Nouwen’s writings on the poverty of the heart and mind. My favourite part is how the habit of contemplation can help us approach all experience as gift. Have you experience this in any way yourself?

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